Philips SRP2003/27 Universal 3 In 1 Remote Control for TV and DVD with XL Buttons

  • Philips Universal Remote Control 3 In 1 for TV/DVD/CBL with XL Buttons SRP2003/27
  • SimpleSetup allows a quick and easy setup of your main devices Works with more than 650 devices
  • Big buttons increase operability and readibility Ergonomic design with natural fit and comfortable to hold
  • Dedicated support service for your remote control whereby all codes for all brands are available via a dedicated website
  • 1 year limited warranty
Product Description
Philips Universal Remote Control 3 In 1 for TV/DVD/CBL with XL Buttons SRP2003/27… More >>

Price: $7.94

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5 Responses to “Philips SRP2003/27 Universal 3 In 1 Remote Control for TV and DVD with XL Buttons”

  1. Mahlers2nd says:


    Quick Summary:



    ** Easy to program

    ** Easy to use

    ** Very inexpensive


    ** You may have to tinker with the settings for some of the buttons to get them to respond like the original remote

    ** Cable box setup can be a little confusing — make sure you know the maker of the box rather than your cable provider




    I’ve always wanted to try a universal remote because like most home theater installations, we have a separate remote for:

    – cable box

    – TV

    – ROKU box

    – Blu-Ray player

    – Audio receiver

    – TV

    Just to turn on the cable, you have to use one remote to turn on the TV and then turn on the cable box. There is only one remote for the TV and one cable remote which are normally kept next to my husband’s spot — since the remote gene is on the Y-chromosome.

    I was concerned that a universal remote would be difficult to setup and that it would require a high-end expensive remote with a fancy user interface in order to program it. I received the remote today and within 1 hour, I was able to get my TV, cable box, and Blu-Ray player all operating under a single remote. No help from the husband required… just following the 4-step process for each device by following the instructions.

    I did have a few problems getting the cable box to respond because we have TimeWarner cable but our cable box is Scientific Atlanta so I wasn’t sure which to use. Also, when I initially tried to use the Scientific Atlanta code, it would not “shut off” (which is required to complete and confirm the programming). However, when I used the 9999 code (which will search the database to find the right code for you), that worked just fine. Also, I subsequently was able to reprogram it specifically for Scientific Atlanta (which has some advantages because you can fine-tune the button settings).

    Also, the manual is a little confusing because the language is a little too “general” in an effort to make the instructions short rather than having specific instructions for DVD, Cable, and TV. However, given that I was able to figure it out, not that big a deal.

    I will probably get the higher end model since this remote is limited to 3 devices and we have six devices I would like to control. But for the money, this is a great addition to our family so that we don’t have to fight over the remote, if/when the kids lose one, we’re set.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. A* says:

    I usually don’t get this happy over a remote, um, I have never been happy over a remote before, but I have to admit I was actually pretty floored by this one. Phillips has done something that a remote I paid over 150 bucks for in the store couldn’t do. It worked on my the old Orion tv that we have in the basement. Jebus! Not one remote me or my husband purchased has worked. It became some sort of unwanted hobby trying to find one that would. I wasn’t expecting much with this remote. It didn’t have any bells and whistles … I like shiny things. But even though it is utilitarian in design (ugly), it is sturdy and has already survived being dropped by my kids, by my husband and by the dog down a flight of stairs.

    The manual had an impressive array of brands to pick from, ORION INCLUDED. The packaging was a blessing, just peel back the cardboard, no need for scissors. The only downside, no batteries. I won’t complain about that. I know, I just did. But being that for such a great price, you get such great results, I shouldn’t have.

    What I really like about this remote, I’ve mentioned it before, is the build quality. You don’t feel as if you’re holding something cheap. When you press the buttons, the remote doesn’t buckle and let out a cry of help, unlike some other cheap models.

    Again, very pleased with this remote. And I’ll pick up another one just to be safe … things do eventually break.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I ordered this for an old tv set we have in our guest/sunroom. When someone lost the remote (we are talking about you Opa), I wanted to buy a new set but my husband argued that it still worked great so why spend lots of money on a new tv that is not often used when we could just get an universal remote? Sounded good in theory but we’ve had a hard time finding a remote that would work on such an old set since most are geared toward the newer tvs. We went through a few expensive ones and this one was the cheapest option yet, so I crossed my fingers and took one last plunge.

    After I opened the package, popped in two AAA batteries and flipped the manual to “set up,” I was ready to go. The instructions were very simple to follow: press a button, enter a code for your tv (there were a little over 11 pages of tv brands listed!! and included brands I never heard of – 5 that started with the letter “Z” besides Zenith) and press another button. Done. It worked within 1 minute of set up.

    It also programmed the dvd/vhs combo unit we had attached to the set with ease. This remote is not made for a serious home theater set up but then it clearly states “tv and dvd remote” so don’t expect it to work for more. I gave it 5 stars because it works great and at the price point, cannot be beat. As for the XL buttons claim, the numbered buttons are bigger then the usual tiny buttons found nowadays but they are not super big. Although the remote does not light up when powered (adding this feature would probably add to the cost), light from the tv provides enough to see what you are doing in the dark.

    Yes, this remote is basic but it works great with older model tvs that never had bells & whistles. All for around $10.00? My verdict: A. Thing. Of. Beauty.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Well I got this remote thinking it would replace my 3 remotes on my night stand but not for me. The instructions were quick and easy with the included Quick setup page.

    I first tried to program my 1 year old Vizio tv and no such luck. I tried several times. Still no good.

    Next I programed my HD philips 320gb hardrive dvr that I have never found a remote other than the one supplied to work but wow it worked on this but still no good since I cannot use the remote for the tv.

    All in all it is a nice but inexpensive and simple remote that just is not going to work for me.

    The buttons were not really larger than any other remotes.

    So my above rating reflects my experiences.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. CFH says:

    The Philips 3-In-1 Universal Remote Control is just a little too basic to be useful with the large number of complex devices found in most living rooms. Here are my observations:

    Pros -

    + Very Easy Setup; this was extremely easy to get working for my Sony HD TV, Sony BluRay Player, and Samsung DVD Recorder

    + Big Buttons; big buttons, intuitively laid out.

    Cons -

    - Missing Key Controls; advanced functionality for DVR and BlueRayDVD players is missing

    This is an OK remote for those who want to be be able to control the basic functions of their equipment, but being limited to three devices and missing some handy functionality will likely relegate this one to “backup”, rather than a true replacement device.

    Rating: 3 / 5

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