Samsung HLT5687SAX 56-Inch Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV

  • 56″ LED light engine DLP HDTV
  • 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution; 10,000:1 Contrast ratio
  • Measures 50.4″(W) x 34.9″(H) x 14″(D).; 69 Lbs
  • Connections: 3 HDMI, 2 S-Video, 2 Composite, 1 DVI Audio in, 2 Component Video Input, 2 RF input, 1 Video Out, 2 Audio out(RCA L/R + Optical), 1 USB, 1 PC in
  • Customers may receive HLT-5687X-XAA or HLT-5687SAX models. Samsung has confirmed there is no difference outside of model number suffix.
Product Description
Enjoy better pictures with the Samsung’s HL-T5687 DLP HDTV. The piano black bezel is just 0.6-inch wide so the slim depth lets it fit where others won’t. The energy-efficient 61-inch screen features a powerful, long-lasting LED light engine that turns on almost instantly. Full HD 1080p resolution and Samsung Cinema Smooth technology deliver a wide range of brilliant colors, with bright images and crisp definition. The blackest blacks, brightest whites and nuanced to… More >>


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5 Responses to “Samsung HLT5687SAX 56-Inch Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV”

  1. Calvin (SF) says:

    Okay, here’s my list of what’s great about this TV:

    1. The QAM Cable tuner took my standard cable connection and found about 30 new or so DTV (digital HD) channels to complement my analog cable channels. I can now get all my local channels in HD (720p or 1080i) through my cable connection. Additionally, some other analog channels have a sister DTV channel broadcasting in 480i.

    2. I was able to connect my old rabbit air antenna to the TV and lo and behold, I received my local channels in HD. But with the QAM Cable Tuner, I don’t really need my rabbit airs.

    3. The HD Channels truly look spectacular on this TV.

    4. I was surprised how good Standard Definition (analog) channels looked on this TV as well. Because this 56″ baby is so big, I can make the SD channels 4:3 (instead of widescreen) and it still looks big. I measured the 4:3 screen and it comes out to about 46″.

    5. The remote control and menu layout of this TV is very intuitive. Easy to use! The remote has a separate button to change the screen size to 4:3, 16×9, Zoom1, Zoom2, Just Scan. There are other dedicated buttons as well for Picture Mode, Sound Mode, Freeze Picture, SRS Surround Sound, Game Mode, Sleep Mode, Info, Closed Caption, etc. There’s also a button to switch easily between cable and an external antenna.

    6. After you autoprogram your channels, you can setup a favorite channels list. The remote has a favorite channel button which will only scroll through your favorites.

    7. I’m in the process of getting an upconverting 1080p DVD player, but my standard DVD player with S-Video/RCA jack connection looks pretty dang sharp on this TV. The cartoons (Cars, Happy Feet, etc) that my kids watch on DVD almost look HD like.

    8. When changing channels, the TV will temporarily display the show’s v-chip rating, the picture quality (480i, 720p, or 1080i), and native screen size (4:3, 16×9).

    9. Another wonder is that I can set the picture size to 4:3 because most of my cable channels are still analog. However, when a DTV channel comes up, the TV will automatically expand those channels to 16×9 if the DTV channel is supposed to be in widescreen format.

    10. Hopefully the LED light engine will last a long time. No more bulbs to replace.

    11. Amazon’s delivery service was good. I was able to schedule a 8am-11am Saturday delivery. I live on the 2nd floor of a flat and the delivery guys carried it up to my living room. They waited for me to test it out before I signed off as well.

    Here’s my list of dislikes:

    1. When changing channels, there’s about a second or two delay before the channel appears. My old CRT shows the next channel immediately. I don’t know if all HDTVs do this. I didn’t really test other HDTVs at the store by changing the channels.

    2. I think all bigger screen TVs have this problem (whether it’s Plasma, LCD, or DLP), but the TV isn’t really that heavy. So if you live in earthquake country like I do, I can see this TV swaying and falling down on its screen size…OUCH! This flatscreen TV makers ought to attach a strap on the back of the TV that can hook on to the TV stand for more stability.

    3. The SRS Surround Sound reads a lot better than it sounds. It’s okay though.

    4. I wish this TV had PIP…oh well, I didn’t want to pay extra for the model that had it.

    For the money and screen size, this Samsung is a steal IMO….especially if the LED light engine last as long as Samsung claims. As for the reviewer who wrote that his LED light engine cost him $1200, he must have bought a different Samsung LED model than this one since this model hasn’t been around 11 months ago. Date of my review is 5/31/07. Also per my Warranty details, this model is covered for 1 year parts and labor as long as it’s not used for commercial use. So the light engine should have been covered.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Picture was beautiful until the delivery guy drove out of my driveway when the screen turned green and the picture died. Had to unplug it to get it to turn off. The good news is that I chose Amazon as a retailer and since it was DOA on arrival they gave me my money back and had someone pickup the TV. in short I got a lemon. The product looks great for a good number of people. But if you get a lemon I suggest returning it through Amazon instead of dealing with the support hassles others have had.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. L. Bridenne says:

    I have been looking at upgrading by 27″ CRT for a couple of years now and this TV is made me pull the trigger. Why?

    1) No lamp – don’t have to worry about cooling and lamp going out (the LEDs may go out after something like 8000 hours, compared to the 3000 for bulbs)

    2) No color wheel – don’t have the “rainbow effect” as other models do

    3) 3 HDMI – enough for me HD receiver, PS3 and ?…

    4) no loss of color/brightness (compared to other models like Sony’s SXRDs)

    5) low power consumption

    6) good picture on SD channels (compared to other models like Sony/Panasonic/Toshiba)

    7) This TV is BRIGHT (even at medium settings)

    8) silent

    9) good speakers (haven’t cranked it up over 25 yet)

    10) turns on in less than 5 seconds (Sony’s took for…ever…)

    LED is the way to go until OLED big-screen TVs can be produced (CNET has great info I used for my TV research). Don’t waste your money on TVs using bulbs. They fade and they go out quickly.

    I really believe this is the best you can get for your money. First time I buy Samsung… not the last. I was a Sony guy.

    Shipping was great. No problems. Great communication. They came in within 4 days, unpacked, placed it in the entertainment center and took all the packing with them… within 10mn.

    Thank you Amazon, thank you Eagle, thank you Samsung.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. BillK says:

    Samsung HLT5687S 56″ Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV

    This is a review of my total buying experience with this TV, not just a review of the TV.

    This is the first major appliance I have ever ordered on-line from Amazon (or anybody else, for that matter), and I was pretty apprehensive.

    I needed this TV to be delivered within a certain time window. I spoke to an Amazon representative on the phone, and she told me to order it on September 27. So I did.

    I called Eagle, and they received the TV right on time and delivered it to me exactly when I needed it, two days later; they were very cooperative. This has been SO much more convenient than buying it locally and having to either pay extra or lug it home myself. Amazon and Eagle get an A+ for great service! I am no longer apprehensive about ordering a large TV on-line.

    I paid $1800 for this TV, shipped and delivered to my home. When you consider that any local dealer charges sales tax, I saved nearly $400 over the best local price. Great price. I discovered that Amazon has dropped the price to $1700, so I asked them for a credit and received an e-mail (on a Sunday, no less) indicating that my credit card will be credited $104.

    As delivered, the TV set appeared to be perfect, except for the often cited bowing problem: long, straight, horizonatal lines across the top one-third of the screen were bowed slightly in the shape of a frown. I called Samsung and they dispatched a local (Phoenix) field engineer. The field engineer fixed the problem by inserting a shim in the cabinet. Technically speaking, the out-of-the-box geometry was within the specification of 1/4″ or less horizontal bow, but the technician improved it so that the bow is almost imperceptible. Had the technician not fixed the problem, the bowing would have been a distraction to my eye in certain scenes, even though it was within spec.

    I have a 50″ plasma, a 23″ LCD, and a 37″ LCD. The Samsung is my first projection TV. As noted above, the geometry of the Samsung is not perfect, not as good as my other TVs. Nevertheless, overall, I like the Samsung best. Even though the Samsung has a larger picture than the other TVs, the picture is actually sharper and better than the other TVs. It is pretty spectacular! I love this TV.

    I would repeat this transaction, in a heartbeat. It has been a completely positive experience.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. The Samsung LED DLP HD picture is outstanding. I have not seen a LCD or Plasma that compares. The Samsung easily switches between HD 1080i, 720p and 480p giving an outstanding picture in all supported modes. Standard DVD movies viewed using an Upscale DVD player are close to true HD quality. I highly recommend this LED DLP. However, the shipping company Amazon uses, Eagle Air Freight is the most incompetent shipper I have ever dealt with. The TV was delivered a week after it arrived in their Denver facility. The only reason it was ever delivered to my address was that I tracked it down and called them. They stated they were short of help and did not have time to contact me to setup a delivery date. After getting Amazon involved and their area manager I was able to get it delivered.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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