Sharp AQUOS LC52LE700UN 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV

  • 52″ Full HD 1080p HDTV LED-TV with 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced
  • 10-Bit processing and Crystalucent coating Technology
  • UltraBrilliant LED System
  • 4 HDMI terminals, PC input, RS-232C Input, AQUOS Net, USB Photo Viewer
  • 4ms response time
Product Description
With the introduction of the LC52LE700UN, Sharp combines its legendary AQUOS LCD panel technology with a newly developed, proprietary Full Array LED backlight system to create picture quality that is second to none. The LC52LE700UN illustrates Sharp’s LCD technology leadership while also demonstrating its LED engineering advantages. Sharp’s Ultra Brilliant LED system illuminates the TV to extremely high brightness and contrast levels and enables significant environm… More >>

Price: Too low to display

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5 Responses to “Sharp AQUOS LC52LE700UN 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV”

  1. N. Samet says:

    I was a bit hesitant to buy this TV as I was waiting for a price drop on the Samsung LN52B750 52-Inch 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV with Charcoal Grey Touch of Color for several days. Then, at Fry’s I saw Sharp’s new LC52LE700UN standing next to Samsung’s LN52B750 and they both looked quite similar, though Samsung’s screen was slightly brighter. The picture quality appeared to be the same. I grabbed the Sharp’s remote and changed the picture settings and I was able to increase the backlight up to match Samsung’s level while still maintaining amazing contrast ratio and black levels.

    By the end of the day I decided to go for the Sharp TV, and I had it for almost a week now. The picture looks really great at any time of the day, when the room is dark or lit (we have a side window facing south). The TV’s sound is pretty good and clear, but I decided in advance that I’d like good external speakers to match this great TV.

    The TV features also a VGA input (there’s also an S-Video input), which is handy for connecting a computer or laptop. I tried connecting my MacBook Pro yesterday and it was able to drive it at 1344×756 (16:9) and 1344×1008 (4:3), but I couldn’t get 1920×1080. The picture looks sharp, and it was good enough to watch Hulu on it.

    If there’s one thing I don’t like about it, it’s the remote, which is not really stylish to say the least (Samsung’s glossy remote looks much better). That’s not a deal breaker, since most common function (Power, volume, input selection) can be done by almost any Blu-ray remote anyway (I have Samsung BD-P3600 blu-ray player remote, which looks great).

    Overall, this is an excellent TV for the price and the picture quality is comparable to higher-end Samsung TVs which cost few hundred dollars more.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Frank P. says:

    I have had the TV for almost a month now and I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the Sharp. I did a lot of research, both on line and with actual “in store” comparisons at a nearby TV/Video store. The store had the Sharp LED, the Samsung LED and a Sony XBR, all in 46″, side-by-side with the Sharp in the middle. The Sony was eliminated immediately because it’s picture lacked the crispness and clarity that the LED televisions had. In three separate trips, I had almost 3 hours of watching the Sharp and Samsung televisions side-by-side. In viewing programing with darker backgrounds, I found no difference between the two. In programs with very bright backgrounds, I found the Sharp had an even brightness through the entire picture due to its full array LED and the Samsung was slightly brighter along the edge due to its edge lit LED that probably would not have been noticible if it were not sitting next to the Sharp. The decision was made during a Food Network show, and a red and white curtain in the background had a slight purplish tint on the Samsung, and was true red on the Sharp. If I was hanging the TV on the wall, the thinness of the Samsung would have been a consideration; however, the Sharp is not a thick television and would hang on the wall just fine. I also looked at several plazma TVs, but they put out an extreme amount of heat. I can hold me hand a few inches away from the screen of a LED and do not notice any temperature difference from the rest of the room, but you can really feel the heat from a plazma when standing 2 to 3 feet in front of it. The Sharp is considerably cheaper than the Samsung, and overall, Sharp has the better picture. The TV/Video store knocked $400 off of their advertised price; however, I was able to get another $400 off of that through With shipping and no sales tax, I saved about $600 off my best local price and $1,000 off the local advertised price.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I’m just a regular guy and maybe I’m easily satisfied but I think the Sharp 52″ LED is pretty darn good. I read all kinds of reviews and found that the Sharp had a picture that kept up with the best at a lower price. I’ve messed with the setting and I can’t get it any better than the auto setting. Black is black. Colors are bright and pictures are sharp. I’ve run the TV for several hours and you can barely feel any heat coming off the top. I’ve got a VCR hooked up and the picture is acceptable to watch. My DVD player picture comes in a heck of a lot better than on my old 27″. I am looking at getting a blu-ray player. The TV speakers are doing a good job for now. Will I get a surround sound system? Doubtful. Speaker bar may be. The room set up I have just doesn’t lend itself easily to speaker placement and keeping my wife happy. I was a little leery ordering a TV over the Internet but everything arrived just great and within a week. Would I recommend a Sharp LED? I would and have.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. J. Mumma says:

    I won’t go into a lengthy review as others have already done that. I researched and researched some more without laying eyes on this set. It was between this set, Sony 52XBR9, and the 55″ Samsung LED. I was not sold on LED I just wanted a nice set that would do 1080p and was larger than my current 42″ Olivia.

    We ventured down to a Brick and Mortar store just to view the set live. The store had everything set up on 720p over component video cabling, ridiculous. Thankfully the Sony sat right next to this one and the Samsung was a row over. This proved to be a nice setup for comparison. To make a long story short, this TV at least held it’s ground with the other sets. The price point was the deciding factor for us. The B&M store actually price matched the best deal I could find online and beat it by about $10.

    The one thing I did not care for on this set was the Heavy contrast. Dark areas lost detail. For instance a man in a black suit, you could not see the details of the suit where you could on the Sony and Samsung. **See statement on Calibration**

    I found some suggested calibration settings online and WOW did that make a difference. Blacks are Black without loosing details and all the colors look natural including skin tones. The difference is night and day. The TV is bright, crisp, detailed and a new experience for us in movies and HDTV. I don’t have a blue ray player hooked up yet (Christmas), I can’t wait to see that one.

    I only gave 4 stars for sound because what can you really expect from a TV in the sound department. I heard all of about 2 minutes of the sets sound before turning it off. I have everything running through an Onkyo receiver for 7.1 THX surround.


    Great picture quality

    Price point

    Not side lit


    Remote (blah)

    Stock calibration is terrible

    Menu system and options are a little haphazard, not well thought out.


    I don’t regret this purchase in the least. I would buy this TV again and recommend it to others. The lack of local dimming does not seem to be a problem with this TV.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. M. De Witt says:

    I bought this TV about 6 weeks ago after looking and comparing different TVs from all the major manufacturers over several months. I am completely satisfied with my decision. After looking at this set and comparing it side by side to Samsung’s LED TVs I was easily convinced that this TV is of the same quality or better and costs much less money.

    The picture is unbeatable. The sound, as with all HDTVs in my opinion, leaves you wanting a little bit more. I have a Sony Blu-ray player and Home theater system to compliment this HDTV, so the sound is not an issue. I recommend good external speakers to get the sound quality that matches the picture.

    Full panel back lighting vs Samsung’s edge lighting on LED TV’s is a great feature for me. There are more than enough inputs of all varieties to connect all the components I can imagine, including a PC monitor or laptop. The remote is large and takes some getting use to, but is fully functional.

    Ordering through Amazon I saved $400 compared to buying it at the “lowest advertised price” from RC Willey and $600 compared to pricing at Best Buy.

    This is a great looking TV with lots of features and high quality viewing. For a 120 Hz LED TV you cannot beat Sharp! Highly recommended to family and friends, I would make this purchase again without thinking twice!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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