Sony BRAVIA BX 300 Series 22-Inch LCD TV, Black

  • Compact 22-inch LCD HDTV with 720p resolution is perfect for smaller size rooms
  • BRAVIA Engine 2 video processor for sharp, vibrant images
  • BRAVIA Sync compatible for controlling multiple devices with one remote
  • Five HD inputs: two HDMI, two component, and one PC (HD-15 pin)
  • Send surround sound audio to your receiver with 5.1-channel optical output
Product Description
Experience HD picture quality, incredible contrast and sharp, vibrant, life-like picture with the Sony BRAVIA BX300-Series HDTV. This compact HDTV is perfect for smaller size rooms, such as a dorm or kitchen and offers ample HD connections. Connect your BRAVIA Sync compatible devices and enjoy convenient operation and control using one remote…. More >>

Price: $265.00

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5 Responses to “Sony BRAVIA BX 300 Series 22-Inch LCD TV, Black”

  1. Historken says:

    I purchased this unit from Sears but wish I had gotten it through Amazon given the price differential. I compared it in the store with other similar sized TVs and its picture was superior. Having had it for a few weeks I’ve drawn some conclusions pro and con:

    Pro: very easy set up, audio better than others though speaker sound comes from behind the unit. Nice remote and other Sony remotes work with it. Bright and brilliant colors. Quick start up. The whole unit has a quality feel to it and its manual is simple and user friendly. It really isn’t needed. Easy to make adjustments to picture size and color settings.

    Cons: picture quality is 720mp. My 48″ high end Sony LCD has much better defined skin tones and colors don’t vary as much as this unit. Faces washed out in some settings unlike the higher end Sony that I have. I prefer speakers in the front. There is no contrast adjustment and it sorely needs it with some channels. Minor assembly for the base. “Favorites” are not as easy to use as my Samsung’s or my high end Sony.

    I primarily did this review b/c the one existing review brought the rating much lower than it should be. For the money this TV set is a good buy. It is also the best of the comparable TV’s that I looked at. I should not have compared something this inexpensive to a $3400 top of the line 48″ Sony.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. No matter how I try to adjust the picture, it is terrible. The manual is sketchy at best. I have tried this set with an analog connection and then switched to an HD digital HDMI, and the faces continually look look like something out of a fun house. It takes forever to boot up with an annoying frame around the screen. In fact, this is my second unit. The first was defective. Sony admits there might be something wrong this one, too but has only offered a refurbished unit. I’ve always bought Sony in the past. Won’t buy anything Sony again.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. On the good:

    * Great HD picture

    * Great sound

    On the bad:

    * 11 seconds from the time I hit the ON button until I get a picture (that’s way annoying)

    * Takes too long to change channels.

    * Awkwardly shaped remote control…has a weird curve that doesn’t conform to your hand.

    * Numbers, channel up/down and volume on the bottom of the remote make one-handed operation difficult

    * Non-HD channels look no better than the 14-yo TV it replaced.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Gaiamuse says:

    After 15 years, I finally needed to replace my reliable old 15″ analog TV. I’m not a huge television watcher but I am pretty picky about quality when I do watch. This is a good to very good television with some slight drawbacks, but not enough to take away a four star rating.

    The good: The color balance is good and DVD playback is excellent quality. Adjustments are easy to access and I was able to finetune the set to get the color, contrast and tone that I wanted.

    You can output sound to external speakers.

    Sony includes a rear RF/coax cable connector, which not all sets do any more, so if you just want to plug in the coaxial cable from your cable company without getting a box, you can do that. You will lose certain functions though (no on screen info and loss of digital only stations).

    The so-so: A 22″ set is actually what used to be called a 16″ to 17″ diagonal when the TV picture is on “Normal.” When the source is not a wide screen image (like a TV signal), and you select “wide-screen,” or “zoom” the image will be blown up and you will get the “bigger” 22″ wide picture, but it will look squashed and/or stretched and image quality degrades.

    The remote is not well designed — the input buttons force you to look at them and search for just the right place to push. In the case of input selection (going between a DVD and TV for instance) if you don’t find your selection fast enough, the on-screen input selector goes away and you have to start over again…

    There is a very loud “ding” when the set first comes on — you can’t rid of it and it’s about twice as loud as the volume. Annoying.

    Note that while DVD quality is very good to excellent, if you choose not to pay for HDMI cable and just have a standard cable box, your TV image quality decreases to “good. ”

    One other note: This set “outgassed” for about a week and half, giving off a slight burning plastic smell. After checking with Sony I learned this is not unusual for flat panels, though I wish they’d do it at the factory. It’s not really a problem unless you’re sensitive.

    Overall, this is a good set and good quality. I’m pretty picky about image quality and it’s is a very good image on “normal” and okay image on zoom, or “wide.” I leave it on “normal” for all TV shows and change it over to “wide screen” when it’s a DVD.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Sarah Abrams says:

    Don’t buy this TV!!!!!!! You’ll be happy for the first few months until the panel goes bad.

    Our Bravia TV panel went bad in 14 months!!!! Repairs were quoted at $1600. Sony is not willing to back up their products! Check out the internet and talk to your local service repair people….there are LOTS of problems with Sony LCDs.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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