SquareTrade 3-Year TV Warranty

  • Price: Up to 70% less than other warranties.
  • Coverage: Item is fixed or we pay you what you paid for the item.
  • Service: In-home service for TVs > 37 inch. Smaller TVs get free 2-way shipping to depot.
  • Length: 3 years of mechanical and electrical failures from normal use, starting from item purchase date.
  • No Paper: We email your contract within 24 hours and let you store your receipts with us for a paperless claims process.
Product Description
SquareTrade Care Plans are great value and cost 70% lower on average than traditional warranties.  Upon purchase, you will get an email confirmation.  You will not be mailed a paper contract.  If you have questions, please call: 1.877.WARRANTY…. More >>

Price: $169.99

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5 Responses to “SquareTrade 3-Year TV Warranty”

  1. K. Allison says:

    After doing extensive research to find a warranty for my Yamaha receiver and Sony XBR LCD, I found SquareTrade to be a legit company that backs their warranties. They make it simple to cover your electronics. Just order online and fax the receipt, its that simple. I have had BestBuy warranties before which are nice if you like to send your things in for repair, this way you get paid for your defective item and can go get a new on. I highly recommend these warranties.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. R. Collazo says:

    I have used Square Trade for the past year for several pieces of high-end A/V equipment. After my beloved plasma TV died on me last week, I had a brief moment of despair, but then I remembered that I had wisely purchased insurance from Square Trade.

    After only a brief survey,a pleasant email exchange, and a signature…I was refunded the entire amount within a few HOURS – not weeks or months like other insurance companies

    Given the low prices, great Customer Service, and hassle free policies, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t insure all of their electronics through them?
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Hugh J. says:

    Interesting organization to talk with. Very knowledge people to talk with. They know the scope of waht they provide. I have never had to request warranty on any product so time will tell. The customer services spent all the time that I wanted with me. I had a minor glitch with my computer and could not print. The rep printed out the document and sent it to me via US Mail. A very supportive group.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. jsc91606 says:

    by far SQUARETRADE is one of the best extended warranty company for whatever product you have purchased online. i’ve had them for more than 5 years now and i also have some electronics that broke before the warranty expires. filing a claim is a breeze and they will send you the pre-paid mailing label to ship item back, after a thorough inspection by one of their teams, they will send out the refund for the full purchase price of the item. way to go SQUARETRADE, keep up the good work. two thumbs up. and 5*****’s rating.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. A. Dent says:

    I decided to purchase this warranty shortly after we ordered a Mitsubishi WD-73737 73-Inch 1080p 120Hz Home Theater DLP HDTV from Amazon, because Amazon recommended this service.

    In the end, I went for the SquareTrade 4-Year TV Warranty ($1500-2000 LCD, Plasma, LED) plan but the 3 year is in no way different from the 4 year plan other than the cost and the coverage duration. I decided to take the 4-year plan because the coverage is transferable and, on a per-year basis, the extra cost for the extra year is well justified – keep in mind that, with a manufacturer’s 1 year warranty, a 3-year plan only has 2 years worth of coverage from SquareTrade while the 4-year buys 3 years of coverage from them.


    Getting the warranty was relatively easy. I had a few questions because our TV is a DLP, not an LCD, Plasma or LED but, to my surprise the off-shore persons answering the phone – and it was easy to get to talk to a human – were able to intelligently search their knowledge base, find the definition of DLP, determine that my TV could be covered, correctly answer my question regarding the DLP’s replacement lamp (no, it’s not covered) and made a note in their system that my TV was a DLP.

    Shortly after I actually completed the purchase at Amazon, I received an email from SquareTrade that had a printable copy of the service agreement/contract.

    I was told over the phone that I had to get a userID/password at their site in order to be able to manage my coverage information. Once that completed, I was able to log in and retrieve my contract number and instructions on how to send SquareTrade my proof of purchase – simply paste Amazon’s invoice into an email that has the contract number in the subject line.

    SquareTrade then sent me an email that acknowledged me sending them my proof of purchase and advising me to keep the original because they were not going to actually verify my purchase until I made my first claim.


    It may be interesting to understand how coverage works without spending time on the phone with the company reps so, here it is.

    - There is a 60-day full refund upon cancellation provision so, if you don’t like the service agreement, it’s easy to cancel.

    - This coverage is concurrent with the manufacturer’s warranty. In other words, this 4-year coverage begins on the day you sign for it but SquareTrade won’t be taking claims from you while the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect. If your manufacturer has a one-year warranty on your TV, SquareTrade will cover it for years 2, 3 and 4.

    - The value of coverage is limited to whatever you paid for your TV. This is important so, let me provide the full quote from the agreement:

    [The total amount that We will pay for repairs or replacement made in connection with all claims that You make pursuant to this Service Agreement shall not exceed the purchase price of the Product, less taxes. In the event that We make payments for repairs, which in the aggregate, are equal to the purchase price or replace the Product with a new, rebuilt or refurbished product of equal or similar features and functionality, We will have no further obligations under this Service Agreement.]

    - There is a ‘no lemon’ provision in the agreement which states that if the same item is repaired 3 times for the same defect within a year they will replace your TV with an equivalent product, at which time the warranty coverage ends – will not cover the replacement.

    - If your TV is damaged by a power surge and you had a power surge protector they may ask you to send it over to them for examination (probably to see if they can get some money from the power surge protector manufacturer).

    - Any time we are talking about replacements, they reserve the right to ask for the defective item to be sent to them and they will provide the box and the shipping label.

    - They will help arrange for in-house repairs and pay the repair company directly.

    - They do not cover scratches or cracks.

    - They do not cover any damage cause by you doing terrible things to your TV – like leaving it out in the rain.

    - There is no deductible.

    - They will allow for the agreement to be transferred if you sell your TV – can do it at their Web site.


    I haven’t made any claim yet but, since Amazon stands behind this company and based on the service agreement and on my experience in dealing with the people at the call center, I am confident that this is a company worth doing business with so they get a 5-star.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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