Toshiba REGZA Cinema Series 55SV670U 55-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV with LED Backlight and ClearScan 240, Black

  • 1080p Full HD CineSpeed™ Display with Built In ATSC/QAM Digital Tuner for Over-the-Air and Cable-in-the-Clear Digital Tuning
  • FocaLight™ LED Backlight with Local Dimming
  • 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • ClearScan 240™ with New Backlight Scanning Technology
  • 4 HDMI™ Digital Inputs (1 Side) with InstaPort™ and REGZA-LINK®2
Product Description
The New REGZA® Cinema Series® LED TV is the most advanced, most beautiful TV we’ve ever produced. Our advanced FocaLight™ LED Backlight System with Local Dimming, and stunning new Deep Lagoon™ Design with Infinity Flush Front™, create the perfect combination of high quality and stylish appeal…. More >>

Price: Too low to display

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5 Responses to “Toshiba REGZA Cinema Series 55SV670U 55-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV with LED Backlight and ClearScan 240, Black”

  1. G. Sontag says:

    I have had this Toshiba 55SV670U for about one week. My decesion to pick this set over the Samsung 7100, Samsung 950, Sony XBR8 and LGH90 did not come without a carefull examination of the picture quality on all the sets. (I eliminated plasmas as they appeared rather dim to me.)

    My desire was high brightness, sharpness and high contrast ratios. The weight and thickness was not that important as I only planned on moving this set once or twice. I will be looking at the picture more often than looking at the side view.

    This model Toshiba is now using a similiar front layer as Samsungs and it has improved the contrast ratio signifiantly. The blacks are much darker using this front material. I know it will reflect lights from behind me, but I’ll block the window with a shade…. I would rather have that problem 10 % of the time than have the matte finish distort the picture 100 % of the time.

    The only way to improve contrast ratio is to locally dim. All the above do locally dim except the Samsung 7100. I questioned how the Samsung 7100 could have a single backlight and be able to make selected areas blacker. I found this Samsung set to have a slight blue hue over the whole picture. However, the Samsung 7100 would have been my second choice.

    The Sony XBR8 and the Samsung 950 had the best pictures – just too expensive for the RGB backlighting and Just not worth

    $ 1500 to $ 2000 more to me.

    The Toshiba 55SV670U gave me the local dimming, an anti-reflective coated contrast window, 120 HZ scan rate and a bright long lasting LED display. I am completelty satisfied with this set…. and with and with its much lower selling price.

    Drop in Mr and Mrs Smith in Blu Ray and you will ever regret purchasing this Toshiba

    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. M. Bertrand says:

    I had spent a year researching and saving for a TV. I had originally decided on the Sharp 65″ Special Edition….but then the 2009 models started to show up.

    I went around to my local stores and started to check out the latest and greatest of 240hz teli’s and checked out the Samsung LED which was the only LED tv I could find in town. I was impressed and decided that the Sharp was no longer enough.

    I started to research the big three LED/240hz/55″ TV’s I could find, the LG, the Samsung, and this the Toshiba. I ended up buying this one because my research pointed to it being the best.

    I waited for 6 weeks while Amazon said they didn’t have them and eventually bought it from Beach Audio through Amazon. I mounted it up on the wall myself and sat down to see how it looked…

    I popped Mission Impossible in the ol’ blu-ray player, cranked up the 7.1 surround, and watched….

    It was amazing. My wildest dreams were surpassed by light years and I wept in the warm glow that filled my living room. This TV is amazing.

    Also, Regza-link seems to work with Bravia-link since everything else I own is Sony. It was really hard choosing Toshiba over my old friend sony…
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. S. W. Massey says:

    I also did a lot of research when looking for a new LED tv. You cannot find another tv that has the same features for this price. The closest was the Samsung unb6000. Samsung matched everything the toshiba had except the local dimming and 240 hz refresh rate. The thickness didnt matter to me becuase the Toshiba is only 4 inches deep, so you really could hang both sets. My only complaints about the 67OU is the screen can give off some glare and the color green is not as accurate as it should be. Oh btw – I paid $1000 less for the Toshiba!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. R. Ghasemi says:

    I consider myself a tech savvy. I’ve been following consumer TV lineups and technology for months. from samsung to vizio, yes I checked them all out! This Toshiba does it the best in its class with solid picture quality and performance. if you are looking for an eye candy go get a samsung, but if you want performance in all aspects then this TV is for you.

    I bought this set from amazon and had it for about 2 weeks now. The picture is amazing and the blacks are inky, deepest I’ve seen around! video processing is outstanding, handles motion really well. This LED TV delivers a great cinema-like experience.


    -Stylish single glass design

    -Deepest inky blacks – Kuro like

    -superior video processing – nicely removes judder and blur without adding video-game look

    -amazing screen uniformity

    -packed with pro-settings and tweaking menus, graphs, ambient light sensor and auto brightness feature

    -Local dimming in its best

    -no blooming, clouding, ghosting or flashing issues (known issues with LCDs)

    -details in gray-black tones visible

    -great value


    -reflective screen (helps to achieve better contrast but could be an issue if you have a lot of windows)


    I’m very happy I returned my samsung LED for this unit. samsung LEDs (6000, 7000 and 8000 series) suffer from screen uniformity issues!

    Buy this unit and you won’t be sorry.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. homesick says:

    There isn’t much original feedback for me to add. Most of it’s been said.

    The picture is vivid, and is the most accurate out of the box I’ve ever seen. All I did was turn the ‘color’ and ‘brightness’ down a little (I’ve always preferred a slightly subdued picture).

    I was initially concerned about inputs. My TVs are always plumbed into my stereo and home theater systems. I use my preamp as the audio hub and my TV as the video hub. None of my gear is new enough to have HDMI, but there were still sufficient connections on the TV.

    Someone please tell me if I break a rule here about naming magazines…

    There is a professional review in the Nov 09 Home Theater Mag (it’s also online). It’s one of their recommended TVs. A well known cosumer mag (that likes to sue if they’re named and quoted) ranks Toshiba LCDs as some of the least trouble prone LCDs, and recommends the REGZAs.

    If I have any quality troubles down the road, I’ll update this. Right now, I am completely satisfied. Let me add that Amazon was on the ball too. Again. TV was here four days sooner than promised, and in excellent condition.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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