VideoSecu full motion articulating tilting swivel TV LCD wall mount bracket arm for 37″-55″ LCD LED LFD TV Super Strong Single Arm 27″ Extension Swivel Flat Panel Television LCD Plasma Tilt Wall Mount Free 7 ft HDMI cable W13

  • VideoSecu TV wall mount. Report to Amazon. com if the one you received do not bear VideoSecu logo.
  • Fits up to VESA700×400 or smaller pattern. Fits most 37″ to 55″ LCD screens; 15 degree tilt up/down.
  • Offers up to 180ยบ of swivel (depending on screen model); 2-stud mounting ( up to 25″ wide stud )
  • Super strong hinged long arm extends TV from 5″ to 27″ off the wall.
  • Max loading capacity 180 lbs; Standard mounting hardware included.
Product Description
The single articulating arm, which attaches to any wall, creates the perfect viewing angle for your TV with 180 degree lateral rotation, tilt and swivel. The Articulating LCD Wall Arm supports most 37″ up to 55″ plasma TV. It folds flat against the wall or extends out up to 27″. The single arm design provides easy one-touch tilt and up to 180 degrees of swivel for virtually limitless viewing positions. Fits VESA200×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×400, 500×200, 600×400, 6… More >>

Price: $62.99

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5 Responses to “VideoSecu full motion articulating tilting swivel TV LCD wall mount bracket arm for 37″-55″ LCD LED LFD TV Super Strong Single Arm 27″ Extension Swivel Flat Panel Television LCD Plasma Tilt Wall Mount Free 7 ft HDMI cable W13”

  1. I’ve had the swivel mount for a few weeks now and I’m so glad I purchased this model. It was an easy set up and does everything its supposed to. I was a little leary to put our 42″ 60lb tv on it up in the air, but once we got it all set up it was the best decision I’d made. I was thinking of just buying an angled mount without the extension capabilities, but that would have been such a pain to get all the wiring hooked to and hidden behind the tv. With this set up we are able to make easy cable adjustments, and either pull the tv out, angle it further up or down and push it back to the wall to give it a more fit look. I strongly sugges purchasing this product and would buy it again if I needed to.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Scott says:

    This is the best shelf I could find for the price. If you want a shelf with a lot of adjustability this is the one. I have a 46″ Vizio LCD TV mounted to it and it works great. Just a couple of things you should know. Make sure you tighten all bolts down at the time of assembly so that the mount does not lean or sag. Also the instructions are terrible. Actually they are practically none existant. If you are not mechanically inclined then this mount is not for you. I am a mecahnical engineer who does not usually read the instructions anyway so it was not that bad. One thing I did learn the hard way is that when you mount it to the wall do not install the front plate the TV mounts too until after you have it on the wall. Once the arm is on the wall then install the front plate and hang your TV on it. The bad instructions are the reason that I did not give it 5 stars.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. S. Croslin says:

    The mount was advertised as handling up to 135 lbs, but no way that is true. It supported my 65 lb flat screen but it was impossible to make it level with the articulating arm mount included. Depending on which way the articulating arm was positioned, the TV either leaned right or left. There is just too much stress on the center swivel point of the articulating arm. I ended up mounting my TV to a frame I built inside a recessed opening over the fireplace. Could have saved $40-$50 if I had just purchased a flat mount. The TV also leaned forward a couple of inches, which can be adjusted, so that was not a problem. Would not recommend this model for anything above about a 40 inch TV, maybe 40 lbs.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. The instructions out of the box made it seem that the box included two different sets of pieces, one set to attach to the wall, and one set to attach to the TV. One set of instructions had tiny diagrams that vaguely show how the pieces are put together, let alone which bolts and washers need to be used. The other set of instructions had text but the diagrams were vague. I had friends helping with the installation and they were equally confused. It reminded me of a “how many engineers does it take…” joke. In the end, we had to improvise some of the installation, but the box provided an abundance of nuts and bolts to get the job done.

    Once the 52″ 60lb TV was installed, I was more than satisfied with the end result. The TV can easily be adjusted to any viewing angle I want, with barely any physical effort.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Robert says:

    After extensive searches I settled on this one for it’s 22″ (min 5″, max 27″) extension – more than most of the others.

    In my situation we do 95% of our viewing in a small den, and 5% of the time we need to turn the TV close

    to 90 degress to open up to a bigger crowd in the living room. So I wasn’t too concerned about frequent adjusments.

    And I needed 22″ extension to be able to swivel a 47″ TV that far.

    Despite some concerns after reading reviews, the item arrived assembled and instructions were clear.

    All the mounting hardware was neatly packaged in plastic – all separated by type. Included are a variety of

    screws and spacers to allow connecting the brackets to various TVs. Also includes 4 lag screws and washers for wall mount.

    One review mentioned the TV would loosely slide once mounted – not true if you tighten up the appropriate bolts.

    Steps: 1) secure wall bracket/arms to wall, 2) secure TV brackets to TV, 3) hang TV, slide to adjust positior, and secure lower bolts.

    Item ship weight is listed at 50# (one of the reasons I bought it); during shipment UPS tracking showed 21# (I wasn’t too

    happy at that point), on arrival it weighed in at 33#. Definitely strong enough to hold up the 47″ LCD TV.

    Other reviews about difficulty in getting horizontal are correct. With that in mind I was sure to level the

    screen bracket and attach the wall bracket accordingly. Note that the level can vary depending on which

    way you swing in the arm. Also, with everything level I then extended the screen and turned it 90 degreees, and

    it had a large tilt down. So I compensated further by putting a 3/16 space strip across the bottom of the wall

    bracket. Then I adjusted the TV tilt knobs to match. Note that some side-to-side tilt can be adjusted for

    by setting the tilt knobs at different positions.

    The arm shipped very “tight” – hard to move. All pivots have adjustable tightness and hex wrenches are provided,

    but relaxing these will add to any tilt problems so you’ll want them pretty tight. I am considering taking

    mine apart to lubricate them. The dual arm mounts I would expect do not suffer as much from the leveling issues

    as each arm could cancel out some of the slop of the other.

    All-in-all, I am happy with the product at it’s $70 price (+$30 shipping), and now I see it is under $50 plus shipping.

    I built a custom cabinet (closet makeover) and built a “rear” wall about 8″ back to account for the depth of the TV and

    minimum depth of the bracket… this gives me a flush TV when fully stowed. Be sure to back this wall with STUDS

    for secure bracket mounting!

    On a side note, the 47″ 120Hz Vizio has a fantastic picture… like looking through a window for many shows.

    120Hz or higher w/ motion control is a must!! (we upgraded from an older 42″ 60Hz Vizio).
    Rating: 4 / 5

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