ViewSonic’s VX2739WM 27-Inch 1920×1080 Full HD Monitor

  • 27-Inch LCD monitor with 1ms response time – FIRST IN THE WORLD!
  • Designed for gamers, entertainment enthusiasts, movie producers, and engineers
  • 1080p Full HD resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio for perfect image reproduction
  • HDMI, DVI and VGA video inputs and 4-port USB hub for diverse connectivity options
  • 200mm x 100mm VESA compliant for wall mount or monitor stands
Product Description
27-Inch Big screen, sleek design, super fast response time and diverse connectivity options…what else can you ask for? With 27-Inch 1080p panel, World’s first 1ms response time on this size, HDMI and 4xUSB ports, VX2739wm will make your dreams come true! 100,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio for crystal crisp images, SRS Premium Sound for crystal crisp sound and ECO mode for up to 35% energy saving come standard in this new 27-Inch offer from Viewsonic. Put it on you… More >>

Price: Too low to display

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5 Responses to “ViewSonic’s VX2739WM 27-Inch 1920×1080 Full HD Monitor”

  1. M. Fernandez says:

    I used a 19inch Samsung HDTV Ln-1954H as a computer monitor. The desktop, icons, graphics, games- everything seemed to be extra bright. Ive used an Acer monitor, NEC, as well as a Mac and found none of those to be as bright. 2 years later, I upgraded to this Viewsonic. I had been over the search engine trying to find hands-on articles, reviews, pictures, and Ive found mixed reviews. A few reviews cited a bleed (light/glow appearing around the edges of the LCD), bleached colors, and a wobbly stand. While the stand, in my opinion, is stable enough (provided you fasten it to the neck or can be mounted on wall) the monitor is fine [notice I make no mention of the audio function]. After the brighter-than-normal colors on the Samsung, I find the so called bleached colors are welcome. When playing a video disk, the colors are seem normal- although a user can adjust the color temperature on the OnScreen Display. A user can also use the manual controls through a video card suite like ATI Catalyst Control Center or the NVidia equivalent.

    A nice quality of the this Viewsonic makes everything look sharp- the Windows Start button in Windows7 looks sharper, the Windows logo in Office2007 does too. Adobe Creative Suite looks as sharp as it should on a Mac (although proper color adjustments are still necessary for graphic work). Games look sharp, there is no ghosting, thanks to the 1MS response time. My brother had noticed a increase in the amount of detail that the Viewsonic shows over my old Samsung.

    Hooked up to a HDMI switcher, a game console also looks nice on this machine. The PS3 XMB looks sharp, Blu-Rays seem better (although the increase in the screen size also helps here), even the Earth visualization in the music player seems a whole lot better. An AT&T cable box, connected via HDMI, looks nice too. Upscaling on the HD channels as well as the native upscaling on a capable computer and game console keeps a good image quality. Nothing seems stretched. Now I must mention this: Using a HDMI cable to connect a HD monitor/HDTV to a computer, cable/sat box, game console is recommended to preserve the screen aspect! If you use anything less the image quality will be significantly reduced.

    While the bleed is noticeable- it is no different that my Samsung or other monitors Ive used. Sure, it may be noticeable while watching a movie but it is not a show stopper. Ive watched several movies already and have not noticed it.

    The sound is another issue. While HDMI cables support -of course- video they also support audio. This monitor supports Dolby something or another but the audio quality is horrible. Sounds like the monitor has metal cans around the speakers. There is volume control in the OSD but I recommend it on mute, adjust your computer default playback device to computer speakers, and get a Windows Media Center compatible remote like a Gyration GYR3101US. Finding a good balance with the monitor’s volume and the volume of your box or console is difficult. While Comcast had a volume control for its HD box, AT&T does not. A PS3 has a volume control for music and video disks but not for games. Even then, the PS3 volume contorl is not that advanced or helpful.

    If you connect a game console or cable/sat box: use a theater system. With the monitor’s audio quality so bad I would say there are no or very few other options.

    Would I recommend this product?

    I like it but there is room for improvement. While this monitor performs well by simply displaying your desktop and windows, showing graphics and games with nothing but praise, and increases the amount of workspace to have plenty of windows open- I would recommend it for the family computer, a single user computer, work computer. I would not recommend this monitor for those who would would use it strictly for music(poor audio quality and control) or videos and the hardcore gamers (bleed through). This is a good monitor but for everyday use with minimal to moderate multimedia applications.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. JTMac says:

    I got this monitor to replace my dell 2208wfp. It was a toss up between this one and the Samsung P2770H. I chose this one because of the 1ms response time, and the greater contsrast ratio. The Samsung is 50,000:1, 1000:1…Viewsonic is 100,000:1, 1200:1. Windows 7 recognized it right away and the color out of the box was very good. You can change the Image Color Temperature so I set mine at 7500k because i like the screen to look a little darker for playing games, default is 6500k. Set up was very easy, just have to screw on the stand, no tools required, just slide the stand on and turn the screw with your fingers ( theres a little tab dealy attached to the head of the screw )and your ready to go. The stand is very sturdy, no fears of it tipping should you feel the need to slam your hands down on your desk in frustration, push youself back from the desk, or from smacking your hip/leg/foot on said desk. If you wall mount it you won’t have any of these issues. But alas, i have a corner desk so no wall mounting for me. I don’t use the monitors speakers so i have no comment about them. Well maybe one thing, i used the onscreen options to set them to Mute. Helpful huh? Oh also under the Manual Image Adjust theres a box to turn on Dynamic Contrasting. I turned this on and it auto sets the contrast and brightness for you. Im not one of those people who likes to mess around with every little video setting, trying to get the “perfect” picture. Color temp to 7500k, Dynamic Contrast on = awsome picture…… in my opinion. You may not like it, so feel free to go nuts playing with the color settings. Theres a Memory Recall option that will restore the factory settings should you over indulge. So far ive played some starcraft 2, mass effect 2, dragon age, and i even played some star wars battlefront 2 just to see how the old graphics looked, and ive come to the conclusion that this is a great monitor…and its Huge. I remember thinking my 22″ was big when i first got it ..but this thing is really big, i love it. Every time i walk into my computer room and see it i crack a smile and say to myself, ” that is a big screen” I hope this is the last monitor i will have to buy for a looooong time. I dont think id want a bigger one, and its 1080p, so im hoping theres no breakthrough in holographic tech in the next 5 -10 years. Sigh…but if there is ill buy it. So in short, great monitor for gamers. I should also mention im basing this review off using the DVI input. I will have a new gaming rig soon and will edit this review to touch on hdmi difference,if any, and how bluray movies look.

    Edit: OK so Hdmi looks alot worse than Dvi. Text is fuzzy and picture is not as good. I asked the guys that i had build my new pc and they said it has something to do with the shielding within the cable. So if you run this monitor with Hdmi and dont think the picture is awsome, switch to a Dvi before getting upset. Also using Hdmi cable the picture is too large for the screen, you can barely see the bottom right corner of the recycle bin and the toolbar at the bottom is gone. You may think thats not a big deal until you try the Auto Image Adjust and find out its grayed out so you cant even adjust the screen. Yes you can go into your video card setting and resize the screen, but, just use the DVI, picture and text is way better.

    Edit #2: Bluray movies look fantastic. Now that ive had this moniter for a few weeks i am still as impressed with it as i was when i first got it. A few more things i would like to add that i left out. First, the screen is matte not glossy. Huge difference if your in a room with alot of sunlight. My old dell was so glossy i couldnt even wear a white t-shirt without getting a reflection off the screen. Next is you can change the response time of this monitor in the Manual Image Adjust. I thought it was set to its fastest by default , but it wasnt. It is now set to Ultra Fast. I’m running 2 Nvidia 465gtx in sli. Thats all for now.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Michael Ngo says:

    I bought this LCD in efforts to upgrade from my 19″ ViewSonic. At first I was thinking 24″ was what I wanted to do as 21/22 wasn’t a big enough jump from the 19 but when I saw at my local Costco the difference between a 24″ & 27″; wow its significant. Yes it does put you in a higher price tier but if you think about it; you’re not going to upgrade monitors for another 5 years minimum if you’re someone like me who is an everyday user that isn’t super high maintenance with the newest tech goodies.

    It was between this and the Samsung 27″ and w/ the extra bragging rights of having a 1ms response time; keeping it in the ViewSonic line for brand consistency and the sexy all black trim; I’m super happy with this buy. I use it to double as my monitor for my laptop and switch inputs between VGA to DVI/HDMI for my PS3. Before this monitor I’ve gone for the longest time w/o having an High Definition video output and boy is 1080p sweet. You literally could play video games across my room (10 feet) and still be able to read the subtitles clearly.

    As far as the sound, you know if you are using your monitor as your main source of sound output; you need to re-evaluate your computer/entertainment setup as you’re missing half of the potential out there. For me; I was not intending to use this monitor for any sound output at all as my sound setup is with an external receiver with outputs to some external speakers. Today though, I decided to say hey; let’s keep the music going off the laptop and test out the sound w/ the PS3 on this monitor. To tell you the truth; it’s not bad. Don’t expect super awesome sound but all I wanted to was hear the sound effects of the game w/ menu selection; gaming battles and so on and I’m pleased. This was just another bonus w/ this monitor which makes it want me to give it a 5 star plus!

    Hope that helps; enjoy!

    - Michael
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. F. Brayton says:

    Awesome monitor! I am very pleased with this purchase. The display is extremely clear. The best part is the size. This thing is huge! Great purchase. I highly recommend it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Forseti says:

    I recently bought this monitor as a replacement for my TV as well as extra screen space for work. I was a bit skeptical going into it due to lack of official reviews, but I decided to take the risk anyways. Long story short, it was worth the risk.

    This monitor is fast, I’ve been running as many games as I could to test this monitor, and have not noticed for one second a tear or ghost. It’s been fantastic in that regard. The same goes for movies I watch on it. That’s even without the delay timer bumped up to the supposed 1ms speed. Also, one thing not promoted by this monitor is that the screen is matte, not glossy, unlike every other monitor at the 27″ range, so that is a huge bonus. Other small things to note that are nice; the base is sturdy, and hasn’t felt flimsy to me at all, viewing angles are great on the horizontal plane, the tilting of the screen is very strong, which I like because I’d rather have to use a bit of strength to tilt the screen and know it’s not going to move rather than have it flimsy.

    However, there are some minor issues, as you should expect from a lower cost monitor. First and foremost, the colors are a bit off. You aren’t paying for a graphics monitor, so if you’re looking for that, you’re going to need to do some adjustments. But the default coloring is nice and saturated, and does provide some nice images, it just won’t be replicating exact colors without the adjustment. The screen is nice and bright, and provides a very good contrast, but unfortunately the backlight tends to bleed a bit around the edges. It’s nothing very serious, and most won’t notice it unless it’s black on the edges, but it is there. Despite that, the screen provides much better blacks than my old 4 year old HDTV.

    My largest complaint about the screen is how it handles inputs. And this is why I’m not giving it 5 stars. I connect both my Xbox 360 through HDMI and my laptop through the DVI port, and there tends to be issues with the screen recognizing signals. When starting the monitor with nothing else on, the monitor gives you a blue screen saying no signal, then after at most 2 seconds, goes to sleep mode. It won’t let you edit settings or change inputs. When you press the input button, the screen will go black for about 10+ seconds. And won’t show you which input it has switched to. If I boot up my 360, and then turn on the monitor, it’ll sometimes take over a minute before finally realizing the 360 has been sending it signal, and it’ll force reboot my Xbox (That last part is more a fault of the 360, but the Xbox isn’t recognizing the monitor and constantly reboots trying to find it). It’s honestly a bit frustrating to get the thing working. But when it does work, it works wonderfully.

    The last thing some people might want to know about are the speakers. Unfortunately I haven’t tested them at all, I don’t have any need for them, but I wanted them just in case. So I can’t comment about it, but I wouldn’t expect much out of it.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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