VIZIO VF551XVT 55-Inch XVT-Series TruLED 240 Hz SPS HDTV

  • TruLED Superior Led Performance
  • Smart Dimming
  • SPS is of 240 Hz
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio is of 2,000,000:1
  • Full Hd 1080P
Product Description
VIZIO VF551XVT 55-inch XVT-Class TruLED 240 Hz SPS Product Description
The VF551XVT 55-inch TruLED delivers the best picture quality available on an LCD HDTV. This direct type, backlit LED HDTV is comprised of 960 LEDs divided into 80 control blocks and utilities Smart Dimming to intelligently control these blocks turning them on and completely off based on the content you’re watching. This cutting edge technology stops light leakage enablin… More >>

Price: $1,915.51

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5 Responses to “VIZIO VF551XVT 55-Inch XVT-Series TruLED 240 Hz SPS HDTV”

  1. Chris Boylan says:

    VIZIO’s VF551XVT is proof that VIZIO can produce not just high value TVs but high performance ones as well. Currently the lowest priced LED-backlit LCD TV with local dimming capability, the VF551XVT offers similar performance to TVs from the name brands which may sell for up to twice the price.

    The set’s “240 SPS” processing is not “true” 240 Hz, but is really 120 Hz processing with a scanning backlight to effectively get 240 “scenes” per second. The feature does reduce motion blur on things like sports and live TV broadcasts, but we found that it added an unnatural video-like look to movies, not unlike other brands’ motion smoothing/motion interpolation technology. Also, off-axis viewing is fairly typical for LCD TVs, turning blacks to bluish gray and generally losing color saturation outside a 90 degree viewing angle (45 degrees in either direction).

    But viewed on axis (straight ahead), or slightly off axis, the TV produces exceptional black levels for an LCD TV. Dark films on Blu-ray such as “Blade Runner” and “The Dark Knight” produced inky black images with very good shadow detail and crisp image delineation with no noticeable haloing. Colors also appear accurate, with good flesh tones once the set is properly calibrated.

    The VF551XVT lacks any kind of internet streaming or IPTV features – this will be coming early next year in the VF552XVT. It’s also significantly thicker than the latest LED-backlit TVs from Samsung and LG, but if you’re looking for a big flat panel LCD TV with excellent contrast, it’s hard to go wrong with the VIZIO.

    A complete review of the VF551XVT is available on Big Picture Big Sound (dot com).
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. About a month ago our old DLP HDTV started to go out and I decided that I was tired of throwing money at the TV (expensive bulb replacements) so I decided to go with a newer but STABLE technology.

    After doing a lot of research and wanting the best picture I could get with out breaking the bank, I decided on the VIZIO VF551XVT.

    There are some people who will tell you to go with a Plasma because you can get a lot more TV for less money than a LCD, especially a LED Back lit TV.

    Their right, except, what no one mentions is that unless you can control the light in your room where the TV will be placed you will get horrible reflections because most Plasma TV’s have very glossy reflective screens.

    Most (not all) LCD TV’s have a matte screen and usually do much better in a standard well lit living room like mine.

    Also I should mention that Plasma TV’s are generally much heaver to mount and consume a great deal more electricity than this TV does.

    This is Plasma TV’s dirty little secret.

    The VIZIO VF551XVT is a bright LED back lit TV that will work well in a totally dark or well lit room.

    As for the picture, I bought a VIZIO VBR100 Blu-ray Player to go with it and the picture is stunning!

    I won’t go into a lot of technical details but suffice to say this TV will have all the adjustments that you need even if you want to calibrate the picture as I did.

    Another poster mentioned the sound as being terrible, I don’t think it’s that bad? it’s not an audio system it’s a high end TV, most people will use a surround sound system for great sound, but not to worry the Vizio’s sound is just fine for casual TV watching.

    For those of you who will use the included remote it’s a nice back lit multifunction remote control.

    There have been some people complaining about the fact that this model is 4.961″ inches thick! I have never understood the obsession with supper thin?

    Yes you can get a super thin Samsung at about $500 more! that’s $100 a inch to look at the TV side ways and brag to your friends? weird but OK.

    As for me I have never been happier with a TV than I am now.

    Got mine for $1876 at Sams Club (sorry Amazon) and I highly recommend this TV, you will not be sorry.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Fitznuckle says:

    I researched many high end LCD blacklit TV’s before I decided to purchase the VIZIO VF551XVT 55 Inch TruLED 240 Hz SPS HDTV. This particular model has the same quality and features found in current high-end Samsung and LG Models but at almost half the price.

    The carrier service that delivered the TV was excellent. They brought the TV from the delivery truck into my home and unpacked it and placed it in my living room for me. They also took away the packing materials when they left.

    I hooked my XBox, Blu-Ray DVD Player, Amplifier,and HD Cable Box to this TV quite easily. The instructions that came with the TV were very clear and easy to understand. I was able to program the remote control that came with this TV to operate my cable box, amplifier and DVD player in no time with minimal effort. I just followed the instructions in the manual.

    I am very pleased with this TV. The picture is awesome, the features are great, the quality is excellent and it didn’t cost a fortune. I give it five stars.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. L. Strasser says:

    I have been waiting for this TV to become available at my local COSTCO.

    Picked it up on Saturday, November 28.

    This replaces a high end SONY 46 inch unit.

    The best video I have ever seen to date.

    Only glitch so far is there’s only 1 “COMPONENT input on the back”, but this should not be an issue as most new gear is HDMI (4 inputs)!

    Audio is fair to poor with the built in speakers, but, who uses the

    built in speakers?

    AMAZON, you need to check the competitions prices and warranty.( I’m a long time AMAZON customer).

    COSTCO give you a 2YEAR warranty, and concierge service.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I recently purchased the Vizio 55″ TRU LED TV after about 2 months of intense research and shopping. I was originally going to get a 65″ DLP because my friend had one and the picture on them are amazing, however they are quite large and space was a major issue in my smaller apartment.

    The Smart Dimming LED’s created the BLACKEST blacks possible, and this is amplified by the 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio. All colors are crystal clear and accurate, and everyone that has seen this TV has said that it looks like a 3D image, and that it really sucks you into the movies because it is so lifelike.

    I have nothing bad to say about the TV, and continue to be amazed every time I use the TV (HD Cable, HD DVD, Blu Ray, Xbox). You WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED with this TV.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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