Samsung HLT5087SAX 50-Inch Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV

  • 50″ LED light engine DLP HDTV
  • 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution; 10,000:1 Contrast ratio
  • Measures 45.2″(W) x 31.8″(H) x 13.4″(D) 61.3 Lbs.
  • Connections: 3 HDMI, 2 S-Video, 2 Composite, 1 DVI Audio in, 2 Component Video Input, 2 RF input, 1 Video Out, 2 Audio out(RCA L/R + Optical), 1 USB, 1 PC in
  • Customers may receive HLT-5087X-XAA or HLT-5087SAX models. Samsung has confirmed there is no difference outside of model number suffix.
Product Description
Enjoy better pictures with the Samsung’s HL-T5087 DLP HDTV. The piano black bezel is just 0.6-inch wide so the slim depth lets it fit where others won’t. The energy-efficient 61-inch screen features a powerful, long-lasting LED light engine that turns on almost instantly. Full HD 1080p resolution and Samsung Cinema Smooth technology deliver a wide range of brilliant colors, with bright images and crisp definition. The blackest blacks, brightest whites and nuanced to… More >>


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5 Responses to “Samsung HLT5087SAX 50-Inch Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV”

  1. jimothy says:

    I’ve had my set for three days, and it has proven to be a very nice upgrade from my over-a-decade old 27″ CRT. I had, at one point, considered getting a Sony SXRD, but decided on the Samsung for four main reasons: Price, standard definition performance (since we’ll have to deal with SD sources for some time; the SXRD does quite poorly on SD sources, judging from a friend’s set), the PC interface (SXRD doesn’t support the full 1920×1080 resolution when taking input from a computer), and of course, the long life LED.

    The TV is beautiful, both in picture and cabinet. The thin bezel makes it look “all picture,” compared to flat panels with their thick frames. Depth of the set is not a concern for me, since I will not wall mount the set. The transparent menus are attractive and fairly intuitive, though they could be more responsive.

    HD broadcasts received over a simple, cheap, indoor antenna look great. Other than the PC input (hooked up to one of the three HDMI ports with a DVI-HDMI cable; an RGB port is also included), it may be a long time before I ever feed it a 1080p source, as I’m not willing to jump on HD DVD or Blu Ray at their current prices and unclear future, but the content I have viewed (SD/HD broadcasts, Nintendo Wii, DVD) look fantastic.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Like some others who have reviewed this set it represented the most expensive tv I have ever purchased. The 50inch version was the biggest I could fit in my tv room. Since Samsung has not yet released this model to brick and mortar stores I bought from Amazon. Initially all went well with Amazon confirming a receipt date about a week out. Then things went sour. Amazon handed the order off to Electronics Expo. Electronics Expo handed delivery off to EagleGL shipping. Eagle picked up the set at the Electronics Expo company in New Jersey on the 14th of May and took it to Philadelphia on the 15th. That day they claim they called my home to arrange delivery. No call came in as documented by my answering machine. BUT Eagle never made any attempt to contact me again. Instead they left the set in their warehouse for a week. As the original shipping time span was running out I contacted Amazon to get a better idea of when to expect the set but they didn’t want to handle any questions. Instead they threw everything back to Electonics Expo. As far as Amazon was concerned I was not their customer – this was an issue with a third party vendor. Amazon would not help. It was up to me to contact the third party vendor for relief.

    Doing some digging I found a phone number for Electronics Expo and called them. The person I spoke with said they had just changed shippers since their former shipper broke too many sets in delivery. Fortunately he gave me a phone number for Eagle. After several more days waiting I called Eagle, that’s when I discovered the set was still in the warehouse and Eagle was happy to leave it that way.

    Arrangements were finally made to have the set shipped the additional 30 miles to my home. I contacted Electronic Expo to let them know what I had discovered and arranged. The person I spoke with stated this was unacceptable bahaviour on the part of the shipper and that he would discuss this with his manager. I have yet to hear anything more from them.

    I again contacted Amazon to let them know that the combination of Electronics Expo and EagleGl were destroying the reputation of Amazon as a trusted on-line vendor. Amazon again treated me as a stranger who was not their customer. Again they said that this was a problem for Electronics Expo. I doubt I’ll ever buy anything this expensive from Amazon again. I also caution all others who are thinking of buying this set to check the supplier as shown on the Amazon item description page. If the vendor shows as Electronics Expo you’d be better off going directly to the vendors site and dealing directly. Don’t get caught in the middle between Amazon and their third party vendors. Better yet, Samsung has stated that they will be selling these sets in bricks and mortar stores in June. Waiting a few more days will eliminate the need for any on-line transactions.

    As for the set, it is fantastic. That’s why I gave this review a 5. This set is more than state of the art. Picture clarity is so good you can put your nose on the screen (not recommended) and not see any pixels. It looks like film! Sound is good but connect this to a surround sound amp and you you’ll have theater quality sound from DVDs and from television shows. Set up is relatively quick given the huge number of customizing controls this set offers.

    So I highly recommend this set. Just be very careful about who you buy it from.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. At first I was a bit concerned about buying this Samsung HLT5087S 50″ slim LED engine 1080p DLP HDTV online without getting a chance to see how it actually looked in person, but I decided to buy it anyway. Well, I couldn’t be more pleased. Very beautiful on or off. The HD is incredible. I’ve heard some say that the sound is not all that great. Well, I dissagree. The sound is good quality. So even if you don’t have a surround sound system you won’t be dissapointed in what this set gives you with its true surround sound. I’ve had the set about a week now and everthing is great. If you have any concerns about the delivery put that to rest as well. The delivery was excellent.

    Like all electronics this will probably be a dinasour in about a year but remember this is 1080P so you will be ahead of the curve (for awhile anyway). And as someone once told me “If you find something you like and it works the way you would like it to, get it a be done with it.” I like what I have very much and I am done. I trust that you will have as good of an experience.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. This is a really nice TV. I did a lot of research before purchasing this TV. The fact that the LED DLP lasts the life of the TV is what did it for me, since I was planning on buying a Samsung DLP anyway. Before purchasing this set I saw that there was also an HLT5089S that was very similar. After visiting the Samsung website I still couldn’t figure out what the difference was between the 87S and 89S model, so I called Samsung. They said the only difference is that the 89S model has Bluetooth capability, which isn’t something I need. I currently have a cable box/DVR, XBOX 360, and the Pioneer XBOX 360 sound system hooked up to it. The Game Mode on this set looks really nice. One of my favorite shows is Planet Earth and that just looks sick as hell in HD on this set. The sound on the TV is ok, but I would recommend hooking up a sound system. After my purchase I registered this product on the Samsung website and they gave me 3 more months of warranty coverage for free. I also purchased the matching stand which was fairly easy to set up.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. N. Waters says:

    18-month update: My review has not changed. This is an excellent TV. I have had no problems and the color and clarity of the Samsung picture is as good as ever. I use a Playstation 3 to play Blu-Ray movies and this television displays the images wonderfully. My only peeve is that there is a three-range color display mode: the selections are “dynamic,” “standard” and “movie,” with “dynamic” being the more vivid, hotter color scheme. By default, the TV turns on in “dynamic” mode. This is the mode they use on the showroom floor, to make the onscreen colors jump out at you. I prefer the more natural colors in “movie” mode, and I have not been able to make it the default. So I have to manually make the change every time I turn on the TV.

    I read many reviews and checked online sources before purchasing the Samsung HLT5087SAX 50-Inch Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV. I have had it for 3 weeks and it’s everything I had expected and more. It is connected to digital cable (with HD programming) via component video connections, a 1080i Sony DVD player is connected through an HDMI cable (I can’t see investing more money in Blu-Ray or HD DVD sets until that controversy is settled), and an X-box is attached by regular RCA jacks. The set looks really nice in my medium-sized living room — viewing distance is 10 to 12 feet.

    Setup was painless with the on-screen menus; the included manual explains most everything in greater detail. There are abundant connection inputs for HDMI, S-video, RGB component, digital, optical and analog sound, and RCA jacks, and they are located on the right side of the set for convenient access. The three default picture modes– movie, standard and dynamic– work fine for most purposes. I prefer the softer lighting of the movie mode, but playing Halo on the X-box in dynamic mode will ratchet up your adrenalin levels. All these settings are individually adjustable and you can reset them to the defaults with a single button push.

    Standard TV programming is adequate; I would have rated it higher until I saw HD programming. HD viewing is simply awesome. The DLP technology is very clear and detailed, the colors are both vibrant and subtle, with white whites and nice, sooty blacks. Movement and action is much better rendered than some of the LCD screens I looked at; there is no blurring or loss of detail. I watched a World Series game last night and could see the spin on a curveball and fingerprints on the batter’s helmet. Superb, and I don’t particularly like baseball!

    The built-in sound is fine for my living room area, and much better than my old 27″ TV set, but I’m saving up for moderately priced home theater system. The picture quality deserves an upgraded sound system. Overall, I think this Samsung set will meet my needs for a long time, with cutting edge technology, and picture quality which is matchless.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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