Samsung LN32C530 32-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LCD HDTV

  • 10Wx2 audio output
  • Wide Color Enhancer
  • ConnectShare Movie
  • 3 HDMI (ver 1.3), HDMI-CEC
  • 2 Components & PC input
Product Description
Make the move to the smoothest LCD action ever. Samsung’s LN32C530 LCD HDTV offers incredible color and rich clarity, all on a 32-inch screen. Add the power of Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer, for a picture that optimizes a given color’s hue, resulting in more natural rendering of colors and lifelike action. Samsung HDTVs are also ENERGY STAR compliant, helping the environment by using less energy while saving you money…. More >>

Price: $499.00

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5 Responses to “Samsung LN32C530 32-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LCD HDTV”

  1. A. Garcia says:

    I was very excited about this purchase, the price point is great and it is a Samsung. The first shipment got here quickly and I was happy to set it up. As soon as I turned on my PS3 I noticed the left speaker (they are hidden by the way, which looks great!) would go in and out. I tried many different input devices and the sound problem continued so I knew it was the TV.

    I sent it back (Amazon was great by the way) and got a replacement… no sound issues. I thought it was a simple mistake and I was unfortunate and happily set up the new one. Later that night I was watching a BD and noticed the screen would darken and lighten about every ten seconds, over and over again. It continued to do this even as I turned the movie off and switched over to the X360. Called Samsung customer support and they basically told me I needed service, the nice lady then recommended (since it was only a day old and all) I simply return it to the place of purchase for a new one. Well after two tries and both being lemons right out of the box, I can’t justify trying again. It’s a shame because the picture quality is great, exactly what you would expect from a Samsung and it was really hard for me to have to move on for another brand. I still plan on purchasing a Samsung, but I won’t lie and say this experience has made me very hesitant.

    Keep in mind, this is a very new model. I cannot recommend purchase of this set right now, but I’m sure in the future it will get a lot stronger. Furthermore, I could simply be extremely unlucky to get two lemons in a row.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. C. Stone says:

    I own a 56 inch Samsung DLP (have for some time now) and love the thing. So when it was time to get a flat screen for my bedroom (the old CRT just had to go), I went right to Samsung. My needs were 32 inches, 2 or more HDMI inputs, at least one analog composite input, at least one analog component input and a QAM tuner. I looked at a few models from other vendors (the usual suspects, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc., excluding Visio, not a chance that junk enters my home) and for the most part they were very similar in the features they offered. This model was a little better than some of the others in the same price/size range and it had some extra cool features (ability to display images from camera) and given my past experience with Samsung, I purchased this model.

    I mounted the TV to the wall (using a Cheetah) and cannot be more pleased. The QAM tuner found all of the cable channels that were available (although it would have been nice to just have it hunt for digital channels, I had to go back after the hunt and manually remove the analog junk). The other inputs worked as expected. The remote control is not bad but it lacks a button to turn Closed Captions on/off (you need to navigate the menus to turn on/off, what a hassle). Picture quality is great, and the sound is what you expect for built in speakers (not great, but sufficient)

    All of that said, I give this baby two thumbs up…
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Jack Gadzala says:

    One month of viewing has reinforced my initial experience that this Samsung LN32C530 32-Inch 1080p is an outstanding LCD HDTV. After researching Consumer Reports and several online ratings sites, the choice came down to the LG 32LH30 32-Inch 1080p and a comparable Vizio (also 32″ 1080p). Both the other two were less expensive, but the research suggested that the Samsung quality and features would be worth it. It was correct. The picture quality is outstanding, viewing the TV off-angle only results in a minimal brightness reduction (less than I’ve typically noticed in other LCDs). Sound is fine (I use the TV speakers – not a home theater system for this TV). Satisfaction is 100%.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. It took a butt load of time and finagling to get the screws for the stand in. Then, when I started the tv, I heard the sound flutter in the start-up jingle it plays. I thought “great, a problem from the get-go. Maybe it will go away…” Well, it didn’t. The sound kept fluttering right until my last day with it, which would be the second. I had to ship it back to Samsung to get it repaired (instead of having someone come out…) Now I’m waiting for it to come back, which could be a month. I already had to wait a week to get it, and then quite a while during the setup because of the screw problem, and now I have to wait for it to come back. I paid quite a bit, albeit it with an amazon store card, to have it close to immediately. Instead I had to go through the trouble of shipping the stupid thing away and now am waiting for who knows how long… I realize that these things happen with electronics, but I have to give this current review based on what I got and will be updating it based on whatever I get back.


    I sent the tv in, waited a loooong time for them to repair it (they said they were waiting for a part to come in), and now that I have it back, I’m angrier than before. The problem was kind-of-repaired. The sound only flutters some of the time instead of always. I wasn’t entirely convinced that I was truly hearing it until a few minutes ago when the problem reared its ugly head briefly. Now I’m not so sure I’m going to keep this piece of garbage.


    I sent the tv in a second time and got it back with the same problem. I was told that there wasn’t an issue with the tv either time I sent it for repairs (even though I was told the first time that the technicians were waiting for a part). Now they want it back a third time so they can find what’s wrong with it… While I’m completely and utterly sure they will find what’s wrong with it the third time, I’ll be sending it back. I’ll probably be investing in a Sony or Panasonic in the future.

    *Final Update (I promise.)*

    I had to return it yesterday but before that, I took it to a friends house to see if it was just getting interference from the outlets in my apartment. Unfortunately, the sound still acted up, albeit rarely. It’s a shame because I really did like this tv and didn’t want to return it, but I just couldn’t trust that the Samsung techs would fix it… I want to get another Samsung, but I know that if it acts up, I’ll have to put up with a lot of crap from customer service. On a final note, I’m calling them tonight to cancel the repair request I made and they are going to feel my wrath… or at least hear it.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Pen Name says:

    Purchased the LN32C530 for the living room a couple days ago and am loving it.

    Have not had any problems / noticed anything I don’t like.

    Hooked up an Mac Mini to the HDMI port. For the audio from the computer to the tv, you just connect a 1/8″ (3.5mm) Stereo Male to 1/8″ (3.5mm) Stereo Male cable between the computer and TV. (The tv doesn’t have an digital/toslink audio out port).

    Loving it so far.

    6-14-10 Update:

    One thing I don’t like is once a month or so, using the remote I accidentally put the tv into shop/store mode.

    Wish there was a way to figure out what I was pressing that was doing it. I think it has to do with my holding down the volume button for long periods for one thing.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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