VIZIO VM190XVT 19-Inch XVT-Series 720p LED LCD HDTV

  • Razor LED backlight technology delivers brilliant colors, rich detail, and deep contrast ? all in a razor thin design. Stylish, Edge-to-Edge protective glass
  • Elegant, touch sensitive HDTV controls light up when your hand draws near. Ambient light sensor auto-adjusts brightness
  • SRS TruVolumeTM eliminates volume inconsistencies between shows
  • SRS TruSurround HDTM produces immersive virtual HD surround sound
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 20:000 to 1 displays deeper blacks and brighter whites
Product Description
VIZIO VM190XVT XVT-Series 19-inch 720p LED LCD Product Description
With a profile that tapers down to less than an inch, the 19-inch VIZIO VM190XVT Razor LED LCD HDTV offers brilliant color, rich detail and deep contrast in a sleek, razor-thin design. This HDTV is a pleasure to look at on or off, with a full edge-to-edge cover glass and invisible proximity touch controls that illuminate as your hand draws near (and fade away once you’re done… More >>

Price: $224.94

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5 Responses to “VIZIO VM190XVT 19-Inch XVT-Series 720p LED LCD HDTV”

  1. I agree with the other reviews, but would add a warning about the TV tuner.

    On the plus side, the 720p and 1080i HD picture quality is amazing, very bright and sharp with good contrast. The sound is perhaps the best I’ve ever heard from a low end TV, with more volume than I could ever use. I haven’t had a chance to try the digital photo frame feature or the pause live TV feature, but they are both nice to have if they work as advertised. The remote control allows you to access all features.

    However, I will be returning the set because of problems with the TV tuner. As I read on another web site, the tuner is annoyingly slow when changing channels. Each time you use channel up or channel down the screen goes blue for about 2 seconds, and sometimes 3 before the new channel is displayed. If you jump to a channel by entering the number from the remote’s keypad you will stare at the blue screen for 4 to 5 seconds.

    If slow channel changes were the only problem I would just learn to live with it due to the amazing HD picture and sound. Unfortunately there are two other tuner problems, one of which is a too much for me.

    First, there is a minor issue where if you punch in a non-existent channel number by accident the input buffer is not cleared until some period of time well after the unit has gone back to displaying the current channel number. I.e., you punch in a wrong number, the unit eventually reverts to displaying the current number, but then when you try to enter a correct number again the digits from the previous attempt are still in the input buffer and they get added to the new number you are trying to enter. You end up having to just sit and wait for some period of time (10 – 20 seconds) before you can enter a new channel number.

    I suppose I could also learn to live with that. But what I can’t live with is a completely broken ‘last’ feature. On the VM190XVT they should call this feature the ‘Las Vegas’ button because when you press it you are just rolling the dice and you have no way of knowing which previous channel it will revert to.

    I’ve spent around 2 hours trying to figure out how to beat this error. At first I thought ‘last’ worked correctly for channels you went to by using the channel up/channel down buttons, but not for direct entry. This wasn’t true. Then I thought it was related to the period of time between channel changes. Perhaps if I left each channel selected for some minimum period of time between changes I could get the feature to work. Not true. Then I tried direct channel entry only, both with me triggering the channel change by pressing ‘Ok’, and with the TV deciding when it was time to jump to the new channel. Still broken. Then I thought perhaps it had problems with ‘dash’ channels, like ‘13-1′, but not with base channels like ‘13′, so I tried base channels only. Made no difference. Over a long period of time I tried many combinations of all of the above. Nothing worked reliably. ‘Last’ will sometimes revert to the most recent previous channel, but most of the time it doesn’t. It will also become stuck on a channel for no obvious reason. It then stays stuck until you select a new channel while viewing the stuck channel. Weird.

    I would be interested to hear about other people’s experience with ‘last’ on the VM190VXT. I don’t know if this is a general problem, or if I just have a buggy tuner. Regardless, this unit is going back.


    Update: I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Vizio tech support. It is their opinion that the problems I see are caused by a bad remote control and they offered to send a replacement. I may or may not pursue that option. I have no desire to get stuck with this unit if that doesn’t fix the problem and my return window closes.

    Those that are experiencing the menu pop-up problem should see if it always happens after you have used the remote. The remote could be causing the problem.


    Final update: The replacement remote came in the mail today. It didn’t fix anything, all problems listed above with the ‘Last’ feature and direct channel entry are still exactly the same. I give up, this unit has permanent problems and I am returning it for a refund before I get stuck with it.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. FredB says:

    I bought this TV because my 20″ LG that I use in my home office was going out. I figured that if I was going to buy a new TV I might as well get the latest technology. I picked this one because of Vizio’s reputation. When I hooked it up I was truly amazed at the picture quality. I own 4 HDTVs and have replace all of them at least once, so I have owned at different times 1 projection LCD, 1 Plasma, and 6 CCFL backlight LCD TVs. The picture on this TV is truly great. The standard definition channels look almost as good as the HD channels did on any other HD TV I have owned and the high definition looks so real one would think they were looking out a window. I remember how impressed I was with my first HD TV, well this TV made an equal impression on me over my prior HD TVs.

    I only rated this TV 4 stars because of two facts. The first is mentioned in the title. That is the fact that it really only has a 18.5″ screen. I figured stepping down from a 20″ to a 19″ would not be too big a sacrifice but stepping down to an 18.5″ proved to be too much so I returned it and bought the 23″ Vizio LED LCD HDTV instead. It is virtually identical to this one except for the larger screen, (in fact they use the same owner’s manual), and the fact that it is 1080P where this one is 720P. The second annoyance with both models is the fact that the volume bar does not go away when the sound is muted. I remains until you un-mute the TV. This annoys me, but is livable considering everything else.

    The biggest advantages to LED LCD over CCFL LCD are the power consumption, the expected life of the backlight, and the picture quality. This TV is advertised as only drawing 23W but my UPS tells me it only draws 18W. The weakest link to a CCFL LCD TV is the backlight. It is what goes first most of the time, but LEDs last virtually forever so I will have to see what the next weakest link will be that will cause me to have to replace this TV. I expect this TV to last for at least five years before needing replacement, but time will only tell.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. VideoEditor says:

    1. Vizio on screen controls lower left, keep popping up, stay 15-30 seconds on

    screen, then pop off screen for 1-5 seconds, then just keeps repeating.

    This activity is inconsistant, seems to be triggered when using exit

    button. Also, the exit button does not clear this control but it eventual

    stops, only to return when turning TV back on.

    2. all channels above 100 have extensions, ie 101-2311, 102-49,102-5011 etc.

    does not recognize the cable designations and cannot have name assigned to

    3. 3 second channel change exccesive

    4. no ability to create favorites menu for quick access to channel

    5. cannot enter channels above 99 on remote

    6. this is first remote i’ve used that does not have a designated “menu” button.

    Using “OK” to access menus is annoying and confusing. put Menu and Exit

    buttons just under the OK cross, better for true one hand operation

    7. I know the TV is a Vizio, i don’t need the Vizio LOGO for 5 seconds at turn


    While the HD picture is perfect, having great video on a kitchen TV just

    isn’t worth the irritation factor This is a return, unless Vizio has a

    firmware upgrade that is easily installed and that solves these problems

    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Ray Davis says:


    We already have one VIZIO that we are happy with. So we just bought two of these thinking we would replace a couple of the other TV’s. I initially had the problems listed below. I did spend hours on the phone with VIZIO before I was able to talk to upper level technicians. Part of the problem is getting past the first level customer service people. Though they mean well, sometimes they just don’t have the solutions. I must say at this point I am very happy with the TV, the solutions VIZIO provided, and the professionalism of the upper level personnel.

    1. I have the TV connected to cable and unlike my other VIZIO, channel 708 is shown as 708–2 and I cannot directly enter the channel number.

    ***(This issue was resolved on 3-29-2010. I did some testing per VIZIO and it turns out I had to eat my words. It appears it is a problem with my cable provider. I’m working with them now)***

    2. If I am on channel 708–2 and go to channel 62 then press LAST, it goes to channel 6.

    ***(This issue was resolved on 3-30-2010. VIZIO did a firmware upgrade and all is well. There was another issue the upgrade fixed. When you change channels either by direct entry through the remote or through channel up/down, the TV displays the channel information at the top right part of the screen. If you tried to directly enter another channel from the remote before the information disappeared from the screen, it would add the digits to the channel already shown. So if it was showing channel 3 and you tried to enter channel 10, it would become 310.)***

    3. TV is tilting forward and does not want to tilt backwards.

    ***(4-3-2010 I finally opened the second unit and it does tilt much easier. I had to take the base off of the first one, lay it down and use the palm of my hand to make the mount move.)***

    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Biggs says:

    after getting out of box, physical setup of that great picture I saw in the store a bit time consuming. You have to play around with the video settings to get everything looking great. Default picture wasnt too good compared to now..I fiddled around for about 20-30 minutes with contrast etc. Now set up great TV; it does come with remote, but not very reactive
    Rating: 4 / 5

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